Dazzling Diwali With MakeUp Artist Priyanka November 07 2015, 1 Comment

Hi Guys! Diwali is round the corner and it's the best and the happiest festival of the year! Exchanging gifts, sweets, visiting friends and family is such a nice feeling especially when we are all busy in our lives! Thank god for these festivals at least we are able to take time out and meet people.

So a lot of us have the perception that makeup makes us look like a different person and that's why we are not too keen to try things out. but what we need to know is that just the right amount of makeup which basically highlights your features would make you look more brighter and of course nicer ;-) that's why we decided to show you how a touch of good makeup could add more sparkle to your look this diwali and wedding season! Now for amateurs who don't know ABC of makeup, we are sailing on the same boat! and that's why we've got Priyanka from 'All that she lovess'  on board to show us how we could do some lovely makeup for the festive season! Since the Outfit is simple with not much work on it, she's emphasized on the eyes giving it a smokey look and bold red lips offcourse! (you can achieve this look by following the tutorials on her Youtube channel: Priyanka Jain ATSL) if you want to be a pro at this and get your makeup fix, you can contact her to learn some amazing makeup tips and tricks!  Hope you like the post guys and wish you all a very HAPPY DIWALI From Team Zahana! <3


Dress: Mokshaa, Chennai

Accessories: Zahana

MakeUp: Priyanka from All that she lovess

You can achieve this look by following the tutorials on her Youtube Channel: 


Photo Credits: Sushmita Agarwal