The Color Code August 17 2016, 0 Comments

Colored jewelry is something that a lot of us hesitate to buy. Reason being? We feel that they are restrictive. Majority of you agree to this, but we at Zahana believe otherwise. We feel that colored jewelry can be worn as much as monotoned jewelry, infact they can be worn so much better. The trick is to to create a balance between all the colors of your outfit and/ or find something common to tie your outfit and accessory together. So today, we have five 5 different style options for you, that will help you pair up your colored accessory even better. 

Outfit 1

The dress we picked has blue as its dominant color, and what could be a better color than pink to go with it? Traces of pink all over the outfit bind the earring with the dress and a golden heel completes the look.

Outfit 2

Turquoise is a super versatile color that can actually be paired with a lot of things. We decided to keep the top neutral and concentrate the colors on the bottom, hence creating a balance between all the colors and looking ‘oh so chic!’

Outfit 3

We decided to go bold with this one and really color coordinate with a green earring, a green top and green lips.

Outfit 4

Pastels are evergreen and this being the season of pastels how could we miss out on it? A bright stoned neckpiece paired up with a neutral pastel top sealed the deal for us!

Outfit 5

Long chains are a favorite but can get tricky when they’re colorful. Since the chain is dominated with pink and white, we decided to use a neutral top and add a pop of color by using a pista green blazer.